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We started out making gaskets in 2005 because there really wasn't much else out there. What was out there was usually pressed paper which just wouldn't last. They were also stamped which caused many manufacturers to widen holes and approximate sizes. We use a laser to cut our gaskets which enables us to to be far more precise, re-tool easier for each engine, & produce smaller quantities at a time enabling us to keep all styles in stock at all times. We use a very high quality 1/32" high temperature automotive grade gasket material for many of our gaskets that is far more flexible and stable than most of the gaskets currently available. We simply have a better product! They are all sold in 2 packs to save on shipping costs as well. We offer bulk discounts as well as dealer discounts and can custom manufacture any gaskets we don't currently offer with a sample of the muffler or gasket. Email us for information regarding these types of purchases. Our gaskets are sold all over the world as well as through several local hobby dealers.

} Exhaust & Intake Gasket Price List or Gasket Flyer
} Crankcase & Head Gasket Price List
} OS 4 Stroke Gasket Price List
} Saito Gasket Set Price List
} Wood Accy Price List or Wood Accy Flyer
} 3D Wood Kit Price List or 3D Wood Kit Retail Flyer

Here are some articles written about our products:
Clarence Lee Article, Model Airplane News, July 2016 or Sal Calvagna Article, Model Aviation, October 2018

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We LOVE this wonderful hobby and hope everyone can have as much fun as us!

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