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Premium Gaskets and RC Expertise

ICBIM began making gaskets in 2005 when finding high-quality gaskets was getting harder and harder, and the ones you could find weren’t lasting long. At the time, most gaskets were typically punched or stamped into a pressed paper, which was not holding up. People also noticed that over time the quality decreased as the dies used to stamp out the product wore down or got dull.

That’s where ICBIM came in and changed the game; instead of using dies to cut our gaskets, we use a laser to get a more precise cut out every time. We have also stepped up to using higher quality automotive grade materials to give you a longer and better-lasting product. We custom produce each gasket, so we always have your gasket in stock, with most orders shipping within 2–3 days of being placed. Not seeing the gasket, you are looking for? Reach out to us, so we can collaborate and get your gasket produced and sent to you!

We are Modelers, serving Modelers. We have over 35 years of experience in not only the RC industry, but also have a background as a mechanical engineers. We love this hobby, and we love this industry and have spent most of our lives building and flying R/C airplanes and helicopters and a unique set of knowledge to help support you in what you love to do most!